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Ocean Water Theme Park, Kish Island

Ocean Water theme Park is a 5.6 hectare outdoor water park located in Kish Island, Iran, founded by Abadis Kish Tourism Development Co. (private limited company). It is the first Iranian themed water park and outdoor water park, themed based on story of “the Mystery of the Sun Castle”. It has 13 rides, 4 swimming pools including “Aban” (Adult Pool), “Abtin” (teen pool), “Dingo” (family Jacuzzi), “Rabo” (Jacuzzi), and one spa. The Water Park's theming has been implemented under the supervision of Mr. Ahmad Jafari, a veteran architect and Disney legend. Ocean Water Park also has one of the tallest rides in the region, Pichaloop, with a 24 meters drop.





Other Areas & Services

There are various souvenir, swimming gear and accessories shop available in the Park. Also. Locker rooms and bathrooms are provided. One of the features of the water park is that even though it’s an outdoor water park, it offers exclusive women-only days, suitable for Muslim tourists of the Middle East region.

Plumeria Spa

A massage center, designed for massage and relaxation services.








Food & Beverages

There are 2 themed restaurants available in Ocean Water Park. “Zambo Zimbo” restaurant offers cold and hot sandwiches, and “Chico” which is the main restaurant in the water park, offers delicious salads, appetizers, pizzas and fried chicken. Guests can also take on a variety of cold drinks at Noushak, Fruitila, Coffeesa beverage shops and Jetsemina Café.



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