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Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Center, China

Aedas’ scheme of Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Center encompasses offices that promote a new mode of working, luxury hotel facilities, and a bracing shopping experience. The project will be an important node on the “Silicon Valley Avenue” connecting key areas of Shenzhen’s high-tech industries. The design introduces the "Mobius Ring" as the core image of the facade. The top and bottom of the tower are connected to each other through the torsion of the facade shape. The overall outline of the building gradually spreads out from the bottom to the top. The dynamic curved connections between the towers are like blooming petals, echoing the Shenzhen flower bougainvillea.








Given the bifurcated plot, the apartments and community supporting functions are situated on the west side, while retail, office, and five-star hotels are perched on the east side. The diverse functions in the east are distributed among four towers. While meeting the requirements for building height, the cross-shaped layout maximizes view and provides sufficient public space. Apart from the circular podium, the four towers are as well seamlessly connected by a circular aerial bridge, which houses interactive spaces including an open-air restaurant and infinity swimming pool. The twin apartment tower in the west is linked by the podium. The podium is open to the community, and the street corner is equipped with huge multimedia display screens, creating a vibrant block.








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