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Hanking Tower; The World's Tallest Detached-Core Tower

Design firm Morphosis rethinks the traditional commercial office building through an innovative approach, maximizing the flexibility of the floor plan through a detached-core scheme. The form of the tower is primarily defined by its pioneering steel structural system. Shifting the cores open the main body of the tower, significantly minimizing the building’s structural footprint while maximizing open space. The open floor plates allow for better access to daylight, creating a healthier work environment. 






The Hanking Centre comprises a 65-storey office tower and a low-rise podium with angled facades dedicated to retail. The tower's design prioritizes the flexibility and adaptability of interior spaces in order to meet the evolving spatial requirements of workspaces.







Two secondary cores in the body provide structural reinforcement and house private elevators for VIP users, as well as freight elevators and mechanical services. A series of sky bridges and diagonal mega-braces rigidly link the offset core to the main tower. Completed in 2018 with a gradual opening that continues into 2021, the 360-metre tower is currently the tallest detached-core building in the world.








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