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Shimao Qianhai Center, Tallest Twisted Tower in China

At nearly 300 meters tall, Shimao Qianhai Center in Shenzhen stands as the tallest twisted building in China and one of the world’s tallest structurally twisting buildings. The building tapers and simultaneously rotates, creating striking imagery with twisting curtain walls and structural columns. The positioning of the tower maximizes the views of the bay and the surrounding hills while minimizing views between towers.







The tower’s rigorous geometry is based on a perfect square split into two distinct volumes. Inspired by the idea of close cooperation between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, the tower is formed by four double-curved façades coming from twisting the floor slab 45 degrees from the ground floor to the rooftop. The resulting spiraled geometry is aesthetically distinctive and technically functional for environmental resiliency goals. The rotation mitigates typhoon-level wind loads prevalent in Qianhai and reduces the overall weight and amount of structure required.








To create an interior with more potential for transformational interior plans, the structural system is rotated to follow the geometry of the building. The twisting building form and recessed corners reduce the lateral wind loads significantly, downscaling the structural members and embodied carbon. The project has achieved LEED Gold precertification and China Three Star GBEL precertification.









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