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Seyyed Hamid Sahiholnasab was born in Tehran’s Shemiran region in year 1957. After receiving his math diploma at the age of 18, he immediately went to the United States and began his architecture studies at Maryland State College in the city of College Park. He received his BA in Architecture In 1980 from the University of Maryland and 2 years later, he received his Master's Degree from George Washington University in Washington DC. He also graduated from the University of Maryland in Urban Development in 1984.


He began his career in 1977 and designed several villa projects during his years of studying in the United States. His projects include Dr. Gohary’s Villa in Potomac, Maryland, Shapiro Residence in Long Island, New York, Dr. Mohammad Oloumi's Villa in Staten Island, New York, Mackneb Residence in Las Vegas and Gelger Residence in London.

In year 1980, he developed his own design and construction company (HDE) in collaboration with his brothers, Seyyed Davoud Sahiholnasb: Structural Computing Engineer from the United States, Seyyed Ali Mohammad Sahiholnasb: facility engineer from the U.S and construction engineering director, Seyyed Naser Sahiholnasb: Electrical engineer from the United States and construction Engineering Director. During his 14 years of residence in the United States, he has designed, supervised and implemented more than sixty building projects in various cities of the U.S such as New York, Virginia, Florida, Washington DC, Las Vegas, etc….These projects include villas, clinics, hotels and residential buildings. In addition, he has collaborated with more than 20 famous American architects, such as Michael Graves, Robert Stern, and ... in various projects in the United States.

He and his brothers returned to Iran in 1991 and established the Hands Company. Ever since then, this company has designed, supervised and implemented about 150 successful projects in Iran, including Behesht Tower (meaning; Paradise Tower) luxurious residential Project in 2004. In 2006, his designed and constructed the Behesht-e-Darya (meaning; Sea Paradise) Vila complex in Kelarabad, Mazandaran. His other famous projects include Shirkooh Residential Tower, Sasan Residential Tower, and Mehran Residential Tower. Meanwhile, Galleria Shopping Center and office building, opened in winter 2017, is among his most successful projects in Iran.

A 110 storey project called Behesht-e-Solh (meaning; Paradise Peace) which is an office, commercial and hotel building, is one of Mr. Sahiholnasab’s latest engineering achievements to date and its construction will start soon.

Seyyed Hamid Sahiholnasab is one of the pioneers of design and construction of distinguished buildings in the most recent decades. He aims to construct flawless buildings by combining the elements of Iranian architecture with the needs of today’s community, in his designs.

Famous Projects

 Behesht Tower Residential Complex, Located in Zafaraniyeh, Tehran 


 Behesht-e-Darya Villa Complex, Located in Kelarabad, Mazandaran 

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 Galleria Commercial Complex, Located in Velenjak, Tehran 

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 Mehran Residential Complex, Located in Zafaraniyeh, Tehran 

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 Hasht Behesht Villa, Located in Kelarabad, Mazandaran 

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 Shirkooh Residential Complex, Located in Zafaraniyeh, Tehran 

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Contact with Hamid Sahiholnasab

Office: #10 East 15th St, Velenjak St,Tehran, Iran

Phone: (+98) 2122174650




  Add.: No.4, Mehrad St., Afriqa Blvd., Tehran, Iran                      Tel: (+9821) 26 20 55 20
  Fax: (+9821) 26 20 80 44                    Email: info [at]

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