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Hadi Teherani


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Studio BRT

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Hadi Teherani was born in Tehran in the year 1954 and grown up in Hamburg. He is an extremely productive and diverse, internationally awarded German architect and designer. He studied architecture at Braunschweig University in Germany. He has been working as a freelance architect since 1990; in 1991, he founded the Studio BRT – Bothe Richter Teherani – and later the Hadi Teherani AG in Hamburg (Germany). He has been a member of the Freie Akademie der Künste Hamburg since 1999.


His work is executed regardless of borders in every respect, transcending nationalities and specialist disciplines. The first “green “railway station in Germany at Frankfurt Airport and the Cologne “Crane Houses” on the banks of the River Rhine have become effective landmarks to a large extent like many international projects. In his unusually far-reaching competence from architecture to urban planning, to the interior and product design, compositions succeed in which all elements interact harmoniously.

Abu Dhabi, Berlin, Dubai, Hamburg, Istanbul, Copenhagen, Rome, and Tehran are some of the metropolitan cities for which plans are being drawn up, as well as Moscow and Mumbai. The e-bike, the conference table (Thonet), leather seating furniture (Walter Knoll), a modular kitchen (Poggenpohl), lights (Zumtobel/Louis Poulsen), showrooms and flagship stores (Kiton) likewise belong to the catalogue of works, just as high-rise buildings, corporate centers, council offices, shopping worlds, stock markets, railway stations, schools and universities.


Famous Projects:

 Tehran Stock Exchange Complex, 30000 m2, Under Construction in Tehran, Iran 

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 Hafenpark Quartier, Hotel and Residential Building, 55000 m2, Under Construction in Frankfurt, D 

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 Zayed University Building, 100000 m2, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Built in 2011 

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 Kamran Residence, 5000 m2, Under Construction in Tehran, Iran

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 Dockland Office Building, 13544 m2, Hamburg, Germany, Built in 2006 

(Won Best Structural Design at the LEAF Awards in 2005)

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 Crane Houses Office and Residential building, 72200 m2, Cologne, Germany, Built in 2009 

(MIPIM Award 2009, Kranhaus Mitte; Kölner Architekturpreis 2010, crane houses Rheinauhafen, recognition)

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 Jubilee Hills Landmark, Hotel and Residential Building, 80000 m2, Under Construction in Hyderabad, IN 

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 Tobias Gray, Office, and Industrial Building, 4160 m2, Rellingen, Germany, Was Built in 2001 

(Winner of BDA-Architecture-Award in Schleswig-Holstein, 1999)

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 Car & Drive, Luxury-Class Cars showroom, 9160 m2, Hamburg, Germany, Was Built in 1991 

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Prizes to BRT Architects

1. “Doppel-XX” office high rise, Hamburg, Germany:  Architecture Prize 2000 for Exemplary Commercial Buildings from WestHyp Foundation/Honourable Mention FIABCI Prix d’Excellence 2001
2. “Berliner Bogen” office building, Hamburg, Germany: German Steel Construction Prize 2002/ NEPIX Building Award 2002/ MIPIM Award 2003
3. “Deichtor” office building, Hamburg, Germany: Office of the Year 2003
4. Swiss Re office building, Unterföhring, Germany: BDA Hamburg Architecture Prize 2005, 1st Prize/ German Architecture Prize 2003
5. “Fernbahnhof” railway station, Frankfurt Airport, Frankfurt, Germany: RENAULT Traffic Design Award 2003/ Special Category Railway Stations
6. “Kranhaus 1” building complex, Rheinauhafen, Cologne, Germany: MIPIM Award 2009


Awards to Hadi Teherani AG

1. Office chair “Silver”, Interstuhl: Red Dot Design Award 2003/ Innovation Prize for Architecture and Office from AIT, 2004/ iF design award 2005/ Good Design Award 2005/ Red Dot Design Award 2007
2. Urban furniture family “Landmark”, Wall AG: Hamburg Design Prize from the Free and Hanseatic City of/ Hamburg, 2006/ Good Design Award 2006/ Red Dot Design Award 2007
3. Carpet “Tec Wave” carpet concept: Contractworld.award 2003/ iF design award 2003/ Red Dot Design Award Best of the Best 2003/ Design Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany, 2004
4. Carpet tiles “SCALE”, Vorwerk: International Design Prize, State of Baden-Württemberg, 2010
5. Kitchen "+Artesio”, Poggenpoh": Good Design Award 2010/ iF design award 2011/ Red Dot Design Award Best of the Best 2011
6. Iconic Award 2017: stylecast® has been honored with the Iconic Award for Interior Innovation
7. German Design Award: The “Winner” of the German Design Award 2018 together with their partners OWA and stylecast®


Contact With Hadi Teherani


Address: #504, 5th Floor, No. 24, Ammar Street, Niavaran St., Tehran, Iran.

Contact: Erfan Maleki,

Phone: (+98) 2126852847 - (+98) 2126852897 

Fax: (+98) 2126852575


- For more information about Hadi Teherani's Offices in other countries, Click on the link below:


  Add.: No.4, Mehrad St., Afriqa Blvd., Tehran, Iran                      Tel: (+9821) 26 20 55 20
  Fax: (+9821) 26 20 80 44                    Email: info [at]

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