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Mohammad Reza Ebrahimzadeh



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Ebrahimzadeh & Associates Consulting Firm

about Mohammad Reza Ebrahimzadeh

Mohammad Reza Ebrahimzadeh was born in year 1969 in Tehran. He received his master's degree in architecture from the University of Tehran in 1996.


From 1991 to 1997, he worked in “Raz Ahang” Architectural Consulting Engineers Company, and in 2005 he established his own architectural firm under the title "Ebrahimzadeh & Colleagues Consulting Engineers".

Mohammad Reza Ebrahimzadeh has designed and implemented more than 60 villa, residential, commercial, etc...projects since 2004 up to now.




 Velenjak 6 Diplomat Residential Complex, Located in Velenjak, Tehran 


 Tandis Elahieh Residential Complex, Located in Elahieh, Tehran 

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 Modern Farmanieh Residential Complex, Located in Farmanieh, Tehran 

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 Tandis-e-Zanbagh Residential Complex, Under Construction in Zafaraniyeh, Tehran 

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 Hyatt-Kamraniyeh Residential Complex, Located in Kamraniyeh, Tehran 


 Hyatt-Elahiyeh Residential Complex, Located in Fereshteh, Tehran 


 Hyatt-Niavaran Residential Complex, Located in Niavaran, Tehran 

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 Kharazm Villa, Located in Shahrak Gharb, Tehran 


 Amirdasht Hyatt 1, Located in Amirdasht, Mazandaran 

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 Amirdasht Hyatt 2, Located in Amirdasht, Mazandaran 



Address: 15th Unit, 4th Floor, #197, Vahid Dastgerdi (Zafar) St., Shariati Ave, Tehran, Iran.

Phone: (+9821) 26404042



  Add.: No.4, Mahyar St., Afriqa Blvd., Tehran, Iran                      Tel: (+9821) 26 20 55 20
  Fax: (+9821) 26 20 80 44                    Email: info [at]

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