Namad Elahiyeh

Namad Elahiyeh

Namad Elahiyeh commercial complex with 1425 square meters land area, infrastructure of 15500 square meters (6600 square meters commercial-office area & 8900 square meters common area) and 12 floors (7 above the ground and 5 under), includes 8 commercial units (56 ~ 360 square meters), 52 office units (60 ~ 185 square meters) and 225 parking spaces. This building is under construction in Elahiyeh, Tehran.

General Information

Location: Elahiyeh

Owner: Behrouz Salehi & Partners

Architect: Behrouz Nemati & Hossein Salehi

Floors: 12



About Tehran City

Tehran is the 27th biggest and 25th most populous city in the world. This city is the capital of Iran and is geographically located in Northern part of Iran and Southern slopes of Alborz Mountains. The city’s highest point reaches to up to 2000 meters in the north and 1050 meters above sea level in the south.Tehran leads to mountainous areas from north and desert areas from south; this causes a cold and dry climate in the northern parts and a hot and dry climate in the southern parts of the city. Tehran's main and indigenous language is Farsi (Persian) ​​and the majority speak Farsi with a Tehrani accent.

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