Ivan Villa Complex

Ivan Villa Complex

Ivan Villa Complex with 15000 square meters land area, includes 14 exclusive triplex residential villas in 3 Types (858 to 978 square meters) and exclusive parking spaces for each Block. Ivan Complex also has a Spa Center with 800 square meters area and a unique artificial Waterfall. This complex is under construction in Ramsar, Mazandaran.



General Information

Location: Ramsar, Mazandaran

Owner: Tarh & Tadbir Mandegar

Architect: Tarh & Tadbir Mandegar

Floors: 3

Unit Area (m2): 858 ~ 978


  • Security equipped with CCTV Cameras
  • Beautiful area with 2 natural Springs
  • Artificial Waterfall with a height of 14 meter
  • Exclusive Parking Spaces for Owners & Guests
  • Luxurious lobbies
  • Panoramic Elevators
  • Exclusive Swimming Pools
  • Modern Heating and Cooling system
  • Water and Wastewater treatment system
  • Independent emergency power system for each Villa
  • Intelligent Electrical control system
  • Central Internet and Satellite System
  • Fire Detection & Extinguishing system
  • Central Audio System
  • Separate North and South Roof Terraces
  • Structure resistant to earthquake upto 8 richter
  • Private guest bedroom with separated service
  • 3 Masters for each Villa

About Ramsar

Ramsar is a city in, Mazandaran Province, Iran. It is a popular sea resort for Iranian tourists. The town also offers warm springs, the green forests of the Alborz Mountains, telecabin and nice Hotels.

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