Kelepay Mountain Villas with 10000 square meters land area, includes 22 exclusive triplex residential villas (220 to 480 square meters) and 2 parking spaces for each Block. This complex Located in Shemshak, Tehran.




General Information

Location: Shemshak, Tehran

Owner: Peyman Jahangani

Architect: Peyman Jahangani

Floors: 3

Unit Area (m2): 220 ~ 480


Swimming Pool


Exclusive Parking Spaces

About Shemshak

Shemshak is located in north east of Tehran and we can reach this area by passing through the cities of Oshan, Fasham and Meygoon. Shemshak has pleasant climate and since it’s geographically located among the Alborz Mountains, it therefore has the features of mountainous areas.

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