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ABADIS Company was established in July 2005 with 14-year working experience. This company succeeded in obtaining a contractor rating from the Planning & Budget Organization of Iran and has already implemented various governmental and semi-governmental projects in the form of contracting agreements. The company, has the ability to provide various services in the field of construction engineering. In 2014, according to the business capacity of the company, Abadis Company took on the official representation of two powerful European companies, including the German Krono Flooring and the Polish Fakro companies. Krono Flooring Company of Germany, is the manufacturer of original Krono-laminate parquet and also, Eurohome’s whole wood parquet. In addition, Fakro Company of Poland, is a manufacturer of wooden windows and aluminum paneling for ceilings and walls. This company strives to identify other European quality products that are needed by the Iranian market and add them to its product’s portfolio.

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FAKRO is a private company established in Poland in 1991. The company is the most dynamic and fastest growing roof window manufacturer in the world. In the 25 years from a small family company, FAKRO has developed into an international corporation achieving the position of vice-leader in the global market of roof windows.


Since 1897 Kronospan is the leading manufacturer of particleboard (PB), Medium density fiberboard (MDF), laminate flooring, and UF, MUF and MF resins for wood-based panels and the top manufacturer of oriented strand board (OSB) in Europe. They have more than 40 manufacturing and distribution sites around the world, which employ over 14,000 people, and serve customers in more than 90 countries.



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