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Mell Tech Company was established in 1976 with the aim of implementing electrical and mechanical installations for national projects, and after The Islamic Revolution, the company continued its activity in national projects with the same goal. In 1988, the company’s factory was founded, based on its managers experience, producing air-conditioning equipment in an area of 10,000 square meters in the city of Yazd. This company is also the exclusive retail agent of famous international brands, including Robatherm, Horos, Action Clima and Unico in Iran.

The company has continued its acticity using this mottos: "The warer is precious, we should consume it carefully". Mell Tech Company has expanded its business and sales department, due to the development of European and American countries and has always placed the top quality of the products on its agenda.

Mell Tech Brands


The Horos is a famous brand from Netherlands, which is producing chillers, hygienic hospital packages, laminar flow, dry coolers and other ventilation equipment for hospitals. 


Manufacturer of air-conditioners with the best quality, in Germany and Thailand. Since 1954, it has been offering its products with customized and unique features.

Action Clima

With over 20 years of experience from Italy, this company is the producer of fan coils and air-conditioners with the capacity range of 180 cfm to 100000 cfm.


Manufacturer of noiseless SMPV systems (Small, Duct, High, Velocity) in America which are suitable for any building architecture.



Action Clima


Selected Buildings Mell Tech works with

Contact with Mell Tech

Office: #1, #2851, South Parkway, Valiasr St., Tehran, Iran

Phone: (+98) 2122011127

Fax: (+98) 2122015972



Instagram: mell_tech


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