About HDL

Houshmand Pars Engineering Company was established in Iran with the aim of providing services in the field of building automation and also being aligned with the latest technologies of the world in order to provide comfort and optimize energy consumption.
Houshmand Pars Engineering Co. is the most reliable and exclusive sale and installation representative of HDL, ZKT and JSST products in Iran, which professionally utilizes its skilled experts (officially certificated by the original companies) in the field of consulting, designing and supervising the installation and implementation of Building Automation Systems, CCTV & IP Cam, Access Control, and Parking Management Systems. 

With the largest network of representatives and nearly 60 active representatives in the country, Houshmand Pars Engineering Co. provides solutions for controlling, monitoring and integrating lighting, cooling, heating, and also, audio and video systems. This company operates in three protocols of KNX, BUSPRO, ZigBee, for hotel, hospital, commercial, office and residential uses, and based on each exclusive building’s demeanor.  

Of this company’s most prominent projects include Tandis Residential Tower, Pars Office Tower in Tehran, Dana Quad Towers in Kish Island, and Baran 2 tower in Mashhad. 

Contact with HDL

Showroom Address: #10, 3rd Floor, # 26, East Nahid St., Nelson Mandela Blvd, Tehran, Iran.

Telephone: (+98) 21 22011997 

Fax: (+98) 21 22012044

Email: info@hdliran.com

Website: www.hdliran.com

Instagram: HDLIRAN

  Add.: No.4, Mehrad St., Afriqa Blvd., Tehran, Iran                      Tel: (+9821) 26 20 55 20
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