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Youb in Persian means a valuable item of home or precious carpet. This word is also the name of a company that officially began its activity in the field of designing and producing office and home furniture, in year 2006. The commitment of Youb to the production of quality space and the high interest of its founders in offering the finest products, provided the opportunity of cooperation with world’s reputable brands in the field of home and office furniture for this company. In year 2011, Youb Company introduced itself as Youb Group, and as a result of its cooperation with internationally acclaimed brands, it focused all its activities in two areas of kitchen and floor coverings. Youb Group strives to gather and train a professional team of expertise in these two areas in order to offer inimitable services and ultimately become the first and last choice of all the constructors, architects and property owners.

Youb Group Brands


This brand received its ISO9001: 2000 certificate in 2006 with its modern and functional styles being harmonic with home decorations. Material, cabinet patterns and styles, and also the equipment of Armony brand are variant. There are 215 types of paints and materials, 17 different production lines and 1019 kinds of combination for the colors and the doors of Armorni brand. Youb group is the exclusive representative of Armoni Italy in Iran. All finalized kitchen designs are sent to Italy for construction after they are confirmed in Youb headquarters. 


Freidemir Poggenpohl has started manufacturing kitchen products since 1891, more than 125 years ago, with the slogan “Let's create a better kitchen” and has always been a leading brand in the kitchen furniture industry. The brand, which operates in 70 countries worldwide, introduced the 2007 Porsche Design for kitchen cabinets as the fourth luxury brand in Germany, after Maybach and Porche automobiles. With the best quality standards, Poggenpohl is the start of an everlasting relationship since all the customers are unique to this brand. 


Lualdi is a leading Italian manufacturer of high-quality doors, interior furnishings and modular systems. Known for its commitment to great innovation and design with a strong emphasis on the technical process of construction and production, Lualdi is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of luxury doors.




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Address: No.42, Jamshidi St, Saadat Abad, Tehran, Iran

Phone: (+98) 22379952 - (+98) 22085908

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