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By creating an active facility in the field of mechanical engineering, Aria Tahvieh Jam Company strives to provide special and unique products with the latest world technology, through acquiring the official representative of the most reputable brands in the world such as Hoval and Fracarro. Some famous projects done by these brands include the Hilton Hotel in Istanbul, the Khalifa Tower in Dubai, the Mega Mall of West Gate in Croatia, the Forum Mall in Istanbul, the Forbidden City in China, the Vatican Complex, Sydra Hospital in Qatar and... . In order to meet the needs of its customers and to provide quality services, the technical staff of Aria Tahvieh Company updates its technical capabilities during several specific training courses on an annual basis and under the supervision of the represented brand, in its original country.

Aria Tahvieh Jam (Hoval) Brands


Hoval is the first boiler producer in the world. This company started its activity in year 1887 and has 130 years of experience. Hoval's policy is to offer exclusive and different products with high efficiency and reduced fuel consumption. Designing heating and ventilation systems, fully in line with the environmental conditions and improving the current conditions, are the main objectives of Hoval Company. The company’s products include a variety of Ultra Gas condensing boilers, Compact Gas boilers, 3-PSS boilers, Hot water and Steam boilers, and Modul –plus system, Home Vent system, Heat Recovery system, Solar Panel system, CHP system and more.


Fracarro is a leading company in the field of radiation technology in Europe. Inspired by nature, this company started designing radiant heaters since the 60s. Fracarro is one of world's largest manufacturers of cooling and heating radiant systems with a diverse range of products to use in projects with various functionalities such as industrial centers, sports halls, agricultural units (greenhouses and aviculture spaces), religious sites, office spaces and outdoors. The advantages of using this radiant systems include extremely low fuel consumption compared to other heating systems, increased work efficiency, high safety and heating the environment in the shortest possible time. 



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