Kurdistan Province

Kurdistan Province

Iran’s Kurdistan is a cold land where its people are very warm and welcoming. Kurdistan literally means the land of the Kurds. The mild and favorable climate, especially in the spring and summer seasons, the pristine nature, beautiful landscapes, rich culture and varied monuments, has made the province an annual destination for many tourists. The capital of the province, Sanandaj is a city in the heart of the Zagros Mountains that takes on different colors throughout the seasons. This city is famous for its beautiful music playing in its various ceremonies. Therefore Sanandaj is registered as the creative city of music in UNESCO.

Some of the tourist areas of the province include: Oraman Mountain Range, Sirvan River, Lake Zerivar, Bam Bijar, Palangan stair village, Crafto Cave, Golev Waterfall, Zerivar Lagoon and more.
Agriculture and livestock breeding are of the economic resources of the province. The province's industries are divided into two categories of machinery and handicrafts, the machinery industry includes non-metallic, chemical, textile and leather, food, electricity and electronic industries, and the handicrafts include carpet weaving, textile and ...

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