Khuzestan Province

Khuzestan Province

Khuzestan Province is located in the southwest of Iran, bordering Iraq and the Persian Gulf. The province of Khuzestan can be basically divided into two regions; the rolling hills and mountainous regions north of the Ahvaz Ridge, and the plains and marsh lands to its south. The climate of Khuzestan is generally very hot and occasionally humid. Its most famous cities are Ahvaz, Khorramshahr, and Abadan. Khuzestan Province has a 9,000-year-old civilization and has a unique nature. It is the richest province of Iran in terms of oil and gas reservoirs. Kapu Bafi, Ihrami Bafi, Hasir Bafi are of the most well-known handicrafts of this province. Khuzestan has great potentials for agricultural expansion. Large and permanent rivers flow over the entire territory contributing to the fertility of the land. Karun, Iran's most effluent river, 850 kilometers long, flows into the Persian Gulf through this province.

Some of the most famous tourist areas of the province are White Bridge, Karun River, Chogha Zanbil  and Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System which are registered in the list of UNESCO World Heritage, Old Bridge Dezful, Abadan Museum, Shevi Waterfall, Dez Dam, Mapar House, Haft Tepe, Kool Farah, Ali-ibn-Mahziar bridge, Nature Bridge, Abadan Oil Museum, Christian Catholic Church, Dezful Water Mills, Tomb of Yaghub Leys Safari, Band-e Mizan, Band-e Kaisar, Apadana Castle Shush, Tiznoo House, Shush Castle, Salasel Castle & etc.

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