Markazi Province

Markazi Province

Markazi is one of the most historical provinces of Iran. Arak city is the capital of Markazi Province. The major cities of the province are: Saveh, Arak, Mahallat, Khomein, Delijan, Tafresh, Ashtian & etc. Markazi province was part of the Median Empire in the first millennium BC., which includes all of the central and western parts of modern-day Iran. This province is cold in winters and moderate in summers. The main agricultural products are grain, barley, and fruits are grape, apple, walnut and almond. Arak also exports hand-knotted carpets which are generally referred to as Sarouk (Sarough) rugs. Because of its geographical position Arak is one of the main industrial cities of Iran, possessing many plants for heavy industries especially for metal and machinery ones.

Markazi cultural and religious monuments characterize its importance. Some of its historical buildings are Traditional Bazaar with its caravanserais, Mesrup Church of Armenians, Agha Nur al-Din Eraghi Mausoleum, Chal-e-Nakhjir Cave, Meighan Wetland, AtashKooh Fire Temple, Khorheh Temple, Four Season Bathroom, Petroglyphs of Damsiah Village & etc.

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