Ilam Province

Ilam Province

Ilam is a city and capital of Ilam Province, Iran. It is the third largest Kurdish city in Iran. From the west it borders Iraq. The city is populated by Kurds who speak Southern Kurdish. Despite being situated in the cold mountainous region of Iran, Ilam’s climate is largely influenced by deserts from the west and the south. Hence the city experiences heavy rain showers or snow in winter and has hot and dry weather in summer.

The Ilam province is a tribal region and its handicrafts specially embossed Kilim is famous nationally. The most important handicrafts of the province are: wickerwork, coarse carpet, silk products, rug, felt carpet, wooden products and so on. Ilam province, like the other provinces of the country, has its own especial souvenirs like local chewing gum (the gum of Persian turpentine tree), local sweets, candy and others.
Some of the most famous tourist attractions 1of the province are Siah Gav's Twin Lake, Posht Qaleh, Lake Ilam, Zinegan Cave, Razianeh Strait, The canyon of Kafari, Vali Castle & etc.


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