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Raheminejad & Associates Consulting Engineers

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Hossein Raheminejad, born in 1947 in Tehran, has a master degree in Architecture & Urbanism. While he was an architecture student, he started his career by establishing an architectural office along with Bijan Tamaddon and Dariush Ghaffari, prominent architects, with the aim of researching and exploring modern architecture. Later, this office became a consultant engineering company for "Raheminejad and Partners". The most important activity feature of this company is the removal of the boundaries between exterior and interior architecture with regards to elegance and details of architecture. His main goal is adhering to the principles, standards of architecture and enhancing the quality of architectural design within the framework of ancient Iranian culture and civilization. He has brilliant records in designing Residential Towers, Hotels, Commercial, Office, Sports, Recreational, Bank, Town and Villa.


Selected Projects:

  • Commercial: Mellal Boutique Mall, Narenjestan, Arak, Saadi Shiraz, Sadaf
  • Residential: Diplomat Elahiyeh, Farmaniyeh, Kaaj, Dorisan, Rose Residence, Arta, Elahiyeh Garden, Sarvestan, Zafaraniyeh Narsis, Fereshteh, Pesyan, Koohsar, Sepand, Yas, Hatef, Chenaran, Darrous, Chenaran Mansion, Shahrzad, Novin Kish 
  • Hotels: 5 Star Narenjestan 1, 2 & 3 Hotels, Arak Amirkabir, Proma, Aksaya
  • Bank: Tourism Bank
  • Office: Masoud Lab, Ghandi Office Complex
  • Towns: Chalous Bam, Tabriz Aseman, Baharan, Darya Chalous, Bahar Narenj, Delkadeh
  • Recreational & Sports Centers: Arak Amirkabir, Tabriz Aseman, Shiyan, Manzariyeh
  • Villas: Dashte Behesht, Lavasan, Mosha, Akam Shahr, Shahrak e Gharb


Famous Projects


 Melal Boutique Mall, 15000 m2, Located in Elahiyeh, Tehran 

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 Narenjestan Commercial Complex, 50000 m2, Located in Izadshahr, Mazandaran 

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 Novin-E-Kish Residential Complex, 35000 m2, Located in Kish Island, Iran 

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 Saadi Commercial Complex, 50000 m2, Located in Shiraz, Iran 


 Baharan Residential Complex, 61000 m2, Located in Arak, Iran 

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 Sarvestan Tower, 7000 m2, Located in Fereshteh, Tehran 

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 Narenjestan Hotel, 18000 m2,  located in Izadshahr, Mazandaran 


 Rose Residence Residential Complex, 10000 m2, Located in Andarzgoo Blvd, Tehran 

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 Narsis Fereshteh Residential Complex, 9000 m2, Located in Fereshteh, Tehran 

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 Narenjestan(2) 5Star Hotel, 40000 m2, Located in Mahmoud Abad, Mazandaran 


 Dasht-e-Behesht Villa, 8000 m2, Located in Karaj, Alborz Province 


 Mosha Villa, 1400 m2, Located in Damavand, Tehran 

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He also has many appreciation letters from:

  • Central Governor 
  • "Day" Subspecialty Hospital
  • "Narenjestan Gostar" Hotel & Building Development Company
  • Industrial and Casting Company
  • Amir Kabir Hotel in Arak


Contact with Hossein Raheminejad

Office: #1, First Alley, Hormozan St., Shahrak-e-ghods, Tehran, Iran.

Phone: (+98) 2188369062 - (+98) 2188369064

Fax: (+98) 2188575410




  Add.: No.4, Mahyar St., Afriqa Blvd., Tehran, Iran                      Tel: (+9821) 26 20 55 20
  Fax: (+9821) 26 20 80 44                    Email: info [at]

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