Kish Island

Kish Island

Kish Free Zone Island is one of the islands of the Persian Gulf region and belongs to The Islamic Republic of Iran. This island, formerly known as Ghiss, is located in southern Iran and is part of the Hormozgan Province. The beautiful island of Kish is considered as one of the tourism hubs of the region. Every year, many families and tourists travel to Kish for memorable vacations and enjoy the festivities and recreational events that take place on this tourist island.

The island has many shopping and entertainment venues, and of its tourist attractions include the Coral Coast, the Greek Ship, the Dolphin Park, the Ocean Water Park, etc... . Also, the presence of luxurious resort hotels on the island is a consent for the tourists. With an approximate area of 91 Km2, Kish Island has an estimated population of 25,000 residents called “Kishvand”.

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