Semnan Province

Semnan Province

Semnan Province is located in the northcentral part of Iran. The province is divided into two parts: a mountainous region and the plains at the foot of the mountains. In Semnan, people have local language. The language is derived from Pahlavi language (the ancient language from Parthian). Semnan has dry, moderate climate with warm summers and very cold winters.

Some of the most important attractive places of the city are: Imam mosque, Khanqah and Bazaar of Sheikh Ala ud- Daula, Arg gate, Shah Abbasi Karvansarai, Pahneh & Hazrat Bath, Semnan Bazaar, Tomb of Prophets, Badab-e-Soort, Salt Caves, kulpush plain & etc. The most famous souvenir of the city is local bread like Shirmal and Komaj bread. Handicrafts are other souvenirs of Semnan for example: Felt, Pottery, Ceramic, Textile, and Carpet. Pomegranate, Fig and Eggplant are from delicious agricultural products of Semnan.


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