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The Pininfarina Battista: Pure Electric with 1,900 Hp

The Pininfarina Battista is an electric sports car manufactured by Italian automobile manufacturer Automobili Pininfarina. The name Battista is a tribute to Pininfarina's founder Battista Farina. The car was publicly unveiled at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. The car is typically Pininfarina and Italian in design. It is a multi-million-dollar all-electric Battista hypercar, featuring slick new exterior styling. The thin LED taillights are capped by an active spoiler. The charging port is in the rear, just at the tail end of the rear window. The Battista is set up for DC fast charging and has an estimated range of about 280 miles.



Power from the Rimac-produced powertrain with 1,874 horsepower and 120 kWh battery pack is sent to all four wheels, helping propel the Battista to 62 mph in fewer than 2 seconds and more than 180 mph in just 12 seconds. Torque output peaks at 2300Nm while the Battista itself tops out at 217 mph. To save weight, the Battista uses a carbon-fiber monocoque with carbon-fiber bodywork and an aluminum crash structure. Pininfarina doesn't list the car's weight, but the t-shaped battery resting in the middle of the car should help the Battista's overall balance. The carbon-ceramic brakes use six-piston calipers both front and rear.
Each Battista will cost in excess of $2.26 million & Only 150 units will be built (50 to North America, 50 to Europe and 50 to the Middle East/Asia) and Pininfarina says this is the first in a range of zero-emission performance vehicles.




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