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Moaven al-Molk Tekyeh, Kermanshah, Iran

Moaven al-Molk Tekyeh, known as the largest miniature Tekyeh (Religious Building) throughout the world, is located in Kermanshah, west of Iran. The Tekyeh, was founded by Moin Alraaya and was completed by Hassan Khan Moaven al-Molk 114 years ago in Qajar era. 



Consisting of three parts, Hosseiniyeh, Zeinabiyeh and Abbasiyeh, the compound with its marvelous tiling and matchless architecture comes among the first in the globe. 





Its walls are like a gallery; full of tiles that narrate many stories about history of politics and religion in Iran such as Islamic era Ghazi (warrior), Battle of Karbala and Iranian kings such as Achaemenid kings and Persepolis.






Usually geometric and arabesque patterns were used in most of the old Persian religious buildings, but at Moaven al-Molk Tekyeh, we see many variations of forms and designs, simple seven-tone tiles, and even bas-reliefs in different dimensions. On 1st December 1975 Moaven al-molk Tekyeh was recognized as National monument of Iran.















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