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The Lexus LF-30 Electrified: Lexus Vision in 2030

Since the launch of the RX 400h in 2005, Lexus has led the world as a pioneer in electrification technologies. The company revealed a concept for an electric crossover at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019. This concept is called the LF-30 and features an extreme exterior design, plenty of autonomous driving technology, and a four-motor electric powertrain. Lexus says that the car is designed to look forward to 2030, a time when Lexus plans for most of the vehicles it sells to be electrified.



The car's exterior design is arresting, with sharp angles all over the body designed to echo Lexus's bold spindle-grille design. Inside, the steering wheel was designed with horse reins in mind, to signify a close connection between car and driver. A glass roof above the rear seats features voice control and a gesture-controlled “SkyGate” display window that uses AR to display various types of information, such as a realistic star-filled sky, user-favorite videos, and even navigation. To top it all off, the concept is complemented by a “Lexus Airporter” drone-technology support vehicle that’ll carry your luggage from in front of the house to the vehicle’s cargo area. It is designed to deliver a dynamic experience unlike any currently available with in-wheel electric motors and maximum outputs of 536Hp and 700Nm and a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of just 3.8 seconds.



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