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Chinese Culture Exhibition Center, China

Chinese Culture Exhibition Center is located in Lanzhou City of China. The whole project is divided into the show part and the exhibition part. The show part is The Sun and Moon Pavilion, and the exhibition part is The Exhibition Area Entrance with ancient town style. The building volume is huge and novel. It is composed of two giant roofs, covering two parts of the stage and the stands. An "eye" on the roof and framed scenery are formed, which facilitates the audience to watch the laser show and the distant mountains, making it a landmark building in Lanzhou. 





The metal plates cladding of the outer roof is like the wings of a giant bird, covering and overlaying from top to bottom with rhyme. The materials with a similar texture as the tiles are adopted for the roof decorative panels. The local traditional materials such as bricks, woods, rammed earth, etc., are adopted for the finishing surface of other parts of the building, fully making the building fit in the local natural and cultural environment.




The Sun and Moon Pavilion presents a magnificent visual effect. The show applies modern scientific and technological means such as audio, video, laser, animation, geyser, flame, fireworks and artistic forms to form integrating science and technology, culture, art and creativity, to give the audience a shocking audio-visual feast.




In terms of performance technology, laser, flame, fireworks and other forms are integrated into performance, and the stage equipment that is deeply buried in the water and suspended on the roof is used to form a rich stage effect. The equipment technology is advanced and can be immersed in the water for a long time.






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