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Jiashan Museum & Library, China

Jiashan Museum & Library is an eco-friendly and green development demonstration area in the Yangtze River Delta, in China. With a limited plot area, the project lacks space to accommodate a large-capacity outdoor public activity venue. The architects took the open void in the middle as the core, and combined three architectural volumes around it to enclose a square for the crowd. The square provides resting space for citizens, while also connecting the museum and library. Moreover, it serves diversified public activities such as outdoor exhibitions, pop-up book markets, etc.







The design draws inspiration from the local cultural context. The form of the square takes design cues from local brick kilns. It's an abstract yet modern "brick kiln" space. The architecture has a smooth and simple appearance, which is complemented by large areas of flat and light-hued stone curtain walls. Inner facades draw on the stacked structures of brick kilns and form brick-red curved surfaces.







The three-building volumes are arranged at appropriate positions according to their respective functions. The museum is set at the southeast corner and near an intersection. The library boasts ample daylighting on the north and side, and the museum isolates it from the noisy urban road. The building volume at the southwest corner and close to the open urban landscape area accommodate shared ancillary facilities for the museum and library, including a lecture hall, casual dining area, etc.







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