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Lamborghini "Huracam" The World's Fastest Camera Car

Incline Dynamic Outlet, the company that built the Lamborghini “Huracam” - a vehicle that the group claims is the fastest camera car in the world - recently finished a paid gig at The Thermal Club in California. The car is currently using a RED camera capable of 8K resolution.

The production company has mounted a $600,000 gyro-stabilized camera rig to the $200,000 supercar, which has been aptly named the Lamborghini “Huracam.”  (Lamborghini Huracan + Camera = Huracam)



turning a Lamborghini into a camera car required surprisingly few modifications. The builders removed the front hood, lined the trunk with what looks like sheet metal, and attached a custom-made, power-operated arm to it.

Thanks to its V10, 610-hp engine enabling a top speed of 201 mph, The Vf engineering Supercharger added 200 hp taking power to 805 hp.

The modification of the sports car was an extremely time-consuming and expensive process as the build took months to finish costing nearly whopping 1.5 million$.





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