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Iranian Winners of A'Design Award 2019 - 2020

A' Design Award and Competition is the World’s largest, most prestigious and influential design accolade, the highest achievement in design. A' Design Award, recognizing the excellent and original design work from across the globe, is a source of inspiration for award-winning designers, artists, architects, brands and design agencies. Any artifact, creation, art work, product, project or service that involves good design, enhanced aesthetics, creative ideation, design thinking, superior engineering, and/or original innovation could be nominated for A' Design Award.



A' Design Award Exhibition, organized shortly after results announcement at MOOD Design Museum in Italy, and later moved to several countries and cities, marks the grand opening of the new edition of the annual design competition. The design exhibition provides an opportunity for architects, designers and businesses to showcase their latest products, projects and services, setting the design trends for the year. 


Selected Iranian Winners of A' Design Award & Competition 2019 – 2020


Roble Cafe and Restaurant
By: Peyman Kiani and Parisa Biriya
Silver A' Design Award (Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category)

From the beginning, the design goal was alongside to maintain the main concept. Space and the restaurant's usage (American smokehouse), if we imagine we can misplace it to a city in another country like Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Dubai, or elsewhere, again, people of that specific region accept it with any culture, thoughts, belief, and climate. They could feel comfortable and enjoy moments.




Saltatur Furniture 
By: Masoud Akbarzadeh
Silver A' Design Award (Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Category)

The Saltatur is an ensemble of compression and tension forces held in a twisted configuration of equilibrium. The geometry of the structure was inspired by the Greco-Roman wrestling technique, Salto. The word 'salto' means 'to dance' in Latin, which also inspired the name of the furniture, Saltatur, 'a dancer' in Latin.




Amadai Center Multifunctional Building 
By: Notash Dadjoo
Bronze A' Design Award (Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category)

The project was designed for The Municipality of Hamadan to build a new symbol for the city. Birthing, flourishing, and the paradox of roughness and elegance, extracted from the regional natural environment lie at the heart of this project design concept. The project contains these functions: retail, gym, educational functions, observatory, planetarium, multifunctional hall, cinema, library, city traffic control room, and municipality related offices.




Khayyam Lounge Chair 
By: Fater Saadat Niaki
Bronze A' Design Award (Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Category)

The frame design is essentially deconstruction and reconstruction of a famous Iranian architect’s work: Hooshang Seyhoun, for the mausoleum of Omar Khayyam; The medieval Persian mathematician, astronomer and poet. 

This project is willing to revive the value of Persian Carpet handicraft industry and makes it find its new stance; not perhaps only for decorative purposes, but the one that serves a real function; and that is achieved by unique weight bearing property of carpet that is rediscovered and elaborated in this design.



The Reflection of Light Office 
By: Panteha Asgharzade
Bronze A' Design Award (Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category)

The design of this unit has always been a matter of simplicity and readability. Another important thing for us was that all spaces had natural light, so glass partitions were used to separate the rooms. The next important issue was the design of the communication between the internal managers of the company, where the rooms were designed and put together so that the related staff would stay in touch and be in a completely transparent and intimate environment.




Dandelion and Wishes Wall Art Decor 
By: Mahnaz Karimi
Bronze A' Design Award (Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Category)

Dandelion, which is an element of nature, symbolizes happiness for children and the best message of happiness for children is a world without war. The whole collection will be donated as a peace Wall Art to UNESCO on September 21 (The International Day of Peace) when the dandelions reach the number 195 (The number of the countries in the world).



Ravaq Table 
By: Ali Sharifi Omid
Iron A' Design Award (Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Category)

Moqarnas is one of the most important elements of Persian architecture. First it was used as columns’ to buttress domes and mosques ceilings, then it became mainly a decorative element of the building. Ravaq aims to renew the grandeur those Moqarnas ceilings covered with mirrors in a smaller scale. Ravaq reflects the surrounding colors from different angles to match the place that it goes to more beautifully.





Rouzan Residential Building
By: Seyed Hamed Jafari
Iron A' Design Award (Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category)

Client asked to realize her childhood home memory combined with advanced architectural designs. Rouzan allows its residences to experience two lifestyles, a traditional Iranian house of the past and a modern apartment of the present.

This building is in Isfahan, Iran where its climate is hot and dry in summer and cold and dry in winter. Thus, the electrical rotating canopy windows were created which could be remotely controlled to expand in order to maximize the sunlight entry in the winter and to contract in order to minimize it in the summer.





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