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10 Most Famous Spring Festivals Around the World

Grape Harvest Festival, Argentina

One of the highlights of the year on the Argentine cultural calendar has to be the Grape Harvest Festival is one of the world’s most famous wine regions, Mendoza. The main event takes place during the first days of March. The festival culminates with a spectacular show in the Frank Romero Day Greek amphitheater. On the 7th of March, the show kicks off, with a beauty pageant electing the official Harvest Queen, and the show continues with a massive concert, and a theatre spectacular including tango, choreographed dancing, music, gauchos, and fireworks. 


Nowruz, Iran

Nowruz (means new day) is celebrated as the first day of the first month of the Iranian calendar and coinciding with the spring equinox (usually around March 21st). This festival embodies a wealth of ancient rites and customs and it has been celebrated by diverse communities for over 3,000 years. This “new day” symbolizes new life, new beginnings, and the rebirth of nature. During the Nowruz holidays, people are expected to make short visits to the homes of family, friends and neighbors. In Iran, the Nowruz holidays last thirteen days. On the thirteenth day of the New Year, Iranians leave their houses to enjoy nature and picnic outdoors, as part of the Sizdebedar ceremony.


Las Fallas, Spain

Las Fallas is one of the unique spring festivals around the world that celebrate equinoxes and solstices by setting things on fire. Fallas is a week-long festival in March for which millions of people turn up in the streets to join the parade. Fallas means torch, therefore, anything old and discarded is burnt in the massive bonfire. Enormous "Ninots" (huge dolls made of cardboard, wood, paper-machè and plaster) are set on fire too. The Ninots are extremely lifelike and usually depict bawdy, satirical scenes and current events.


Holi, India

Undoubtedly one of the most colorful festivals in the world, Holi is celebrated by Hindus across Northern India. It involves throwing colored powder at one another, which pays tribute to the many hues of the spring season as well as events from Hindu mythology. Usually lasting a full day and night, the festival is a gloriously colorful and happy celebration of the end of winter and the spring growing season.


Semana Santa, Guatemala

Semana Santa in Guatemala is basically ‘Easter Week’ that is celebrated each spring with pompousness. Elaborate parades are carried out in the streets of Antigua town with ornamental costumes and wooden floats. These wooden floats weigh a hundred pound each and are carried by lots of hands to mark this holiday celebrating in spring. The cobblestone streets are covered with a handmade carpet made with flowers which can only be used once as it is trampled by the hundreds of the float carriers.


Songkran, Thailand

Songkran is the celebration of the Thai New Year which is celebrated for three days starting April 13 to April 15. Festivities involve going to a Buddhist monastery, visiting elders, and, of course, throwing water. Locals and tourists alike take to the streets, equipped with cannon-sized water guns, pressure hoses and buckets, ready to splash chilling water on the passers-by. The annual water fight is considered a way to wash away bad luck and invite good luck into the current year.


Cherry Blossom Festival, Japan

Gorgeous flowers are the main attraction of the festivals, but a variety of traditional Japanese performing arts are also presented at various locations around Japan. Festival vendors sell various food and souvenirs including regional crafts and speciality food. People celebrate by participating in a custom known as Hanami all over Japan in spring. Hanami is a relaxed tradition of picnicking and having outdoor parties underneath the sakura tree.


 Mexican Carnival, Mexico

A popular fest in Mexico, the carnival is often associated with the culture and heritage of this country. Set out to the coastal towns of Mexico and you’ll be met with a vivid parade that will welcome you with music and laughter. There’ll be bursting colours, accompanied by drinks, treats, dancing, and more. This festival which goes on for more than a week is among those festivals celebrated on the first day of spring around the world.


Daffodil Festival, USA

The Daffodil Festival is an annual celebration in Gloucester County, Virginia. The festival takes place in early April to celebrate the heritage and community of the county of Gloucester, as well as its heritage of daffodils. Gloucester's historic production of daffodils led it to become named the "Daffodil Capital of America". Approximately 8,000 people attend the festival every year. There’s an antique car parade, a pageant to showcase an array of daffodil hats, art shows, exhibition, kids’ activities and a massive tailgate picnic. 


Lantern Floating Festival, Hawaii

The Lantern Floating Hawaii is held every year on Memorial Day. Thousands come together on the beach from all over the world for this ceremony that honors those who have passed on. A sight to see and experience, it typically includes music and a ceremonial lighting of the Light of Harmony, leading up to the floating of lanterns onto the Pacific Ocean. This community event is a vehicle for cross-cultural cooperation, understanding, harmony, and peace.




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