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Lily Floating Playground, France

LILY offers a new and playful sensorial experience on the central lake of the Futuroscope, designed by WAO (Wild Architectural Objects), in France. The magic of the water, the unpredictability of the movements, the happiness of moving, create strong moments where weightlessness, euphoria, and wonder mix. Visitors can leisurely stroll along the mesh bridges to reach the trampolines, moving from place to place to keep the fun going. The vibrant stricture reacts to spontaneous movements and resonates with the joyful spirit of the people.







The structure is made up of five giant buoys moored to a large deck of 40m diameter, which offers a relaxing walk and invites visitors to contemplate the surrounding environment. The buoys host small trampolines, offering fun spots for people to jump or lie back and relax. In general, the project consists of 1000m² of the canvas, 410m² of braided mesh, and 450m3 of air. 









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