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Habitat Qinghuangdao by Safdie Architects

The design for Phase I of Qinhuangdao Golden Dream Bay utilizes a series of units arranged in a stepped pattern, which results in a porous structure. The complex consists of a series of individual 15-story slab buildings that connect and stack vertically, in two tiers, rising to 30 stories. At level 15, between the tiers, a community thoroughfare links the building blocks and allows residents to traverse the entire complex surrounded by greenery and city and ocean views. This high-density residential community offers a radical solution to affordable housing in today’s rapidly densifying urban centers.







The 4,800,000-square-foot complex includes approximately 2,500 residential units, nearly 60,000 square feet of retail space, and villas along the beachfront. Many units feature gardens open to the sky, while other units have solariums, bay windows, or balconies. In addition, garden/pool areas top the parking deck and enliven the 15th and 30th community levels. The complex is punctuated with a series of private greenspaces, terraces, and roof decks, inspired by Habitat ‘67’s tenet of “for everyone a garden.” 






Habitat explored a new way of conceiving high-quality, affordable housing, combining the privacy of gardens, daylight, and views in individual units with an innovative modular structural system. Safdie Architects’ design for Golden Dream Bay evolves this humanistic approach to meet the needs of the 21st-century city. Phase II of the project adds a spine of 4-story low-rise villas running east-west along the beachfront, with an area of over 538,000 square feet.








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