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“Sama Chair” a Masterpiece by MARZ Design + Architecture

The design proposal for the chair is inspired by the mystical whirling dance of the Sufi known by Sama. The attire, a wide, white skirt known as tenure floats as it whirls intensely generating multiple shell configurations. These three-dimensional configurations are light and structural with very small thickness in comparison to their other dimensions.

As the surfaces spin and whirl they are constantly redefine each instance reflecting a unique configuration within a realm of infinite possibilities.



Sama Chair, relaxation within perpetual movement. Wood-Metal Frame w/Leather Upper 154W x 720H x 845D




This masterpiece is designed by the architect and designer Maria Araya, whose work consistently ex­plores and challenges a multiplicity of design fields beyond architectural practice. Maria and Hooman Talebi (The Founding Director of MARZ Design + Architecture Company) had also experienced a very special period of their career working with famous Zaha Hadid, who unbelievably passed away last year.

Hooman Talebi is an architect and researcher who has been actively involved in academia for more than ten years. At Zaha Hadid Architects Hooman was Project Architect of some of the practice’s most challenging and visionary projects.

Read more About Hooman Talebi.


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